Barren Red : Puneet Kaushik

Barren Red showcases a tech of weaves of Kaushik’s multilayered installations and mixed-media works aimed at seeding the landscape to the scape we live in along with the viewer’s own interpretation. A thought about humanitarianism, the comprehensive colour ‘red’ and a thought about our deep rooted tradition. Puneet in his installations successfully has been driven by a single idea or concept, injecting, an element of exploration, with materials … offering their own guiding agency; and in this respect he marks a posture of difference. 
Having engaged with folk and tribal art practices of various regions of India, the artist continues to mould them in his signature style and put it forward to the audiences both in India and overseas. For over two decades now, the artist has been working towards establishing a ‘global-local perspective’, which is visible even through his current suite of works presented under the title Barren Red.