Nourish Organics

By Jyotsna Sharma   1 Mar, 2017

Nourish Organics has a range of breakfast cereals, snacks, cookies and health bars, which are made with organic ingredients and superfoods like flaxseed, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds among others. With all of us focused more than ever on achieving good health and looking for healthy food alternatives- Nourish Organics has the answer. Seema Jindal Jajodia, the founder of the brand told me that she is a foodie and yet likes to stay fit.

There was a time she was looking to lose weight and decided to go on a crash diet. This would cause dizzy spells especially when she would play tennis; that’s when she realized that instead of dieting she needed to eat healthy.

In addition to her requirements, there were also two terminally ill family members who needed to eat healthy. All this led her to research and try out new healthy food combinations. These recipes were appreciated by her friends and family who urged her to start marketing them. The result - Nourish Organics. 

The first few outlets opened in 2009 in New Delhi and Rishikesh. Now there are outlets in all major cities across India. Initially the products were favoured by yoga enthusiasts and expats but gradually, a large number of Indians have started using them. Seema spoke about how it has taken time to capture the Indian market. The challenges were the fact that the products weren’t excessively sweet, fried or fattening so the average Indian wasn't very keen on them.

Seema leads product innovation. She spends time researching the products and is involved in product development. They plan to expand the number of products and stores across India.


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