Burger Singh

By Jyotsna Sharma   1 Feb, 2017

One day at work, my colleague and I decided to order a bite from Burger Singh. To be honest, I ordered from it because I thought the name was clever. To my surprise the burger was quite delicious.

I had ordered the Keema Pav Burger, while my vegetarian colleague ordered the Channa Burger. We both loved our food but couldn’t finish it- the burgers were huge. Kabir Jeet Singh, the owner of the chain, says that even their smallest burgers are 250gms and that is because they want to give their customers a filling meal. 

While studying in Birmingham, Kabir had a part-time job at a Fish & Chip shop that served burgers as well. At the end of his shift he was allowed to eat a meal there, which he looked forward to. Soon he got tired of eating those burgers and decided to experiment with his burger by adding Indian & Pakistani spices to it. It turned out nice and not only did he like it, it got popular with the staff and the student community as well. Soon, the owner of the Fish & Chip shop decided to put it on the menu for the weekend when Kabir would be working there.

The idea stayed on with him, and over the years transformed into what we now know as Burger Singh. 

Burger Singh opened in 2014, and has since become enormously popular. They have 8 outlets in Delhi-NCR with two outlets under development.

They constantly experiment and try to bring out new offerings every now and then. The Nani’s Rajma Burger went through 172 food trials, as they wanted it to taste just right – after all it was Rajma they were putting in there. Kabir makes sure he is personally involved in the food trials.

Their upcoming space in sector-51, Gurgaon, is called the ‘experience store’. This would be a space where they would be serving cocktails as well as food. They plan to launch a new burger every month at this space, and after the customer review, it would be available at all their other outlets as well.

I am going to try out the Jatt Putt Burger next,

What about you?




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