Cover Story

V. Ramesh at Gallery Threshold

By Jyotsna Sharma   1 Feb, 2017

Every year V. Ramesh spends some time at a spiritual ashram in Chennai. ‘The most devoted creatures there are the dogs; they lie absolutely still without barking or moving’. These very dogs inspired him to paint ‘The Devotees’, a set of seven dog artworks (watercolours).

The artworks are a part of his solo show, which is up at Gallery Threshold till 15th March 2017. V. Ramesh is exhibiting in Delhi after a gap of five years; the show at Threshold is a collateral event to the upcoming India Art Fair 2017. The show comprises small water-colours and large mixed media canvases. 

A self- portrait is another lovely work; it shows him lying on a wooden lounge chair with his eyes closed. 

He started this work a decade ago, and initially, wanted it to be a landscape of his life, which would include family and friends. However, the first image he painted was of himself lying with his eyes closed on a lounge chair. Years went by and the canvas stayed as it is. He realized that over the years, it had gathered time and had been a witness to a large part of his life. Therefore, it is being shown as it is.

‘The Fallen Warrior’ depicts a banana tree that has been cut down / felled. Ramesh was reading the Mahabharata at that time, and it so happened that a student of his who was travelling in South India had taken a photograph of a fallen Banana tree. The image made him think of when Bhishma Pitamah was felled during the war.  He has likened the tree to the great warrior. This work is also a comment on deforestation since he has witnessed banana plantations being destroyed to create houses for our increasing population.

He is known to use mythology as a reference in his artwork. I loved the show; every work is executed beautifully and one admires the technical finesse in the works.