Spotlight Art: Subodh Gupta

1 Feb, 2014 - The Wall Art Magazine Team

Iconic is what this taxi has become of Subodh Gupta’s art which celebrates the everyday.

At first look the half sunken kali – peeli (Black – yellow) Padmini cab resonates with Bombay, brining to mind the torrential rains of July 2005. He recreates the image of half sunken taxi cabs  abandoned outside Victoria Terminus stalled at the city’s doorstep,  as new migrants continued to their destination. However, this is a tale of all migrants in all metropolitan cities. It signifies that a his journey continues; it overcomes all barriers and is never – ending, much like the big city that never sleeps.

Gupta’s ability to find meaning in the mundane, to find beauty in the ordinary is a rare gift, and the ongoing exhibition at the National Gallery of Modern Art is testimony to that.

Topic: Art