Sidharth - Celestial Beings

12 Jul, 2017 - Jyotsna Sharma

Pink Joy. Silver leaf, Gold leaf and tempera on Paper. 40X60. 2016

In the late 60’s, Sidharth was an apprentice at the studio of Sardar Sobha Singh, the celebrated Indian painter. Sardar Sobha Singh lived in Andretta, not far from Dharamsala, home to His Holiness Dalai Lama’s monastery in Mcleodgunj. It was fated, and soon the young Sikh painter turned apprentice at the revered Namgyal Monastery nearby. Here he learnt the Thangka painting technique from Tibetan Lamas. In the 70’s, he travelled extensively in rural Punjab and studied folk motifs; the influence of all this training can be seen in his paintings, particularly in his use of colour. His paintings have been much acclaimed and prized for their dynamic use of colouration. Every canvas with its rich colours and captivating subject has a story to tell.

“ A celestial being is like you & I. It could be a tree in your courtyard, an ant walking across the floor, a grasshopper or even a frog in the pond. We just need to open ourselves to the universe and we would know these celestial beings. Even the smallest of being is a divine creation. Painting to me is akin to meditation, to love. I paint when at a loss for words; I sing in love and dance in ecstasy”.  - Sidharth

While interacting with his work the viewer is transfixed and can’t help but introspect. These beautiful colour rich canvases have a mystical quality to them. Even though each work is about his personal experience they somehow speak to the viewer – you either get a subtle message or find that you can relate to a part of it - somehow you feel you might have shared in the experience. By the time one is done viewing the canvases, they no longer remain the artists’ work but are somehow transformed, into one’s own private journey.

 An accomplished artist, a talented singer and documentary filmmaker, Sidharth lives and works in Noida, India. In 2012, he was awarded an Honorary D-Lit by the Punjabi University in Patiala. His artworks are in the collections of numerous museums, institutions & private collections worldwide such as, the Government Museum-Chandigarh, the NGMA -New Delhi, the Dusseldorf Museum, the British Council -New Delhi, Lalit Kala Academi –Chandigarh, and Dabur India amongst others.

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The Turtle. Silver leaf and Tempera on paper. 30X42. 2016

Tree in my Courtyard. Silver leaf and mineral pigments on paper. 40X50. 2016

Gliding Words. Gold leaf and natural pigment on canvas. 36X60. 2016
The Turtle. Silver leaf and Tempera on paper. 30X42. 2016

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