Saffronart | Evening Sale | 16th February

13 Feb, 2017 - Jyotsna Sharma

M F Husain, Portrait of Ram Kumar. (Signed in Devnagari and signed again 'Husain' (lower right); 1976. Acrylic on canvas. 49.75 x 26.5 in)

Saffronart’s upcoming auction has a number of gems. I had a chat with Hugo Weihe (CEO Saffronart) and he specifically mentioned Tyeb Mehta's gold medal-winning ‘Falling Figure’ (1965), Raza’s Kundalini (2000) and another gold medal-winning painting, ‘Bombay from Malabar Hill’ also by S H Raza (1948).

My favourites are :

‘Bombay from Malabar Hill’ is a spectacular watercolour painted by Raza during his early years as an artist. It won the Gold Medal at the Bombay Art Society's Diamond Jubilee exhibition in December 1948. The Weber family encouraged Raza to paint the scene of the Chowpatty Bay as seen from Malabar Hill. It took them some effort to convince Raza to sell the artwork, as it was not for sale.


 S H Raza, Bombay from Malabar Hill (Signed and dated 'S.H.RAZA 48' (lower right) 1948. Gouache on board, 23.5 x 35.25 in)

Tyeb Mehta’s ‘Falling Figure’ depicts anguish. He witnessed the violence that resulted from the partition of India in 1947, which is translated on to his canvas in the ‘Falling Figure’ series.

‘In 1965, Mehta had moved to Delhi, where he became reacquainted with his old friends, Krishen Khanna and theatre director Ebrahim Elkazi. The present lot was acquired by Khanna, soon after it was painted by Tyeb in 1965. Recognising in it an innate power and intensity, Khanna entered the painting into the First Triennale of Contemporary World Art in New Delhi in 1968, while Tyeb was away on a Rockefeller fellowship in New York. He was delighted when the painting won one of the two gold medal award winning works in the Indian section of the Triennale.’ (Lot notes)


Tyeb Mehta , Falling Figure (Signed and dated 'Tyeb 65' (lower right).1965, Oil on canvas, 70.75 x 47.25 in)

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