Old Delhi Food Festival

29 Mar, 2017 - The Wall Art Team

 The best of Chadni Chowk food at the Old Delhi Food Festival 

Delhi is the place to be. There’s always some cultural event taking place at the capital city whether its related to literature, music, dance or even food. Held in different parts of the city, these gatherings ensure a fun - filled weekend.The Wall Art Team recently visited one such event, the Old Delhi Food Festival that was held at the India Islamic Cultural Centre. The aroma of well seasoned slow cooked meat coupled with freshly made flat bread transports you to the alleys of Chadni Chowk. The quaint Chinese lanterns hanging across the tents and sufi music playing in the background added to the festivities. There were a variety of dishes to choose from which included biryani, kebabs, chaat and even kulfi. Interestingly each stall specialised in a single or limited food items which ensured fewer lines. Here’s a look at the delicious food we tried out!

There was a great turn out at the Old Delhi Food Festival. Image credits : Yamini Mookherjee

Delicious plates of biryani, tangri kebab and bound raita. Photo credits : Yamini Mookherjee 

Lip smacking chaat stall. Image credits : Yamini Mookherjee  

Naan with butter chicken 

Mouthwatering Shahi Tukda

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