'Ganga: A River of Life and Eternity'

8 Jun, 2017 - The Wall Art Team

'Ganga: A River of Life and Eternity’ is an ongoing exhibition at the National Museum, New Delhi. It narrates the evolution of Ganga as both a sacred river in the Indian subcontinent and the strong position it holds in the mythical and religious spheres. Shakeel Hossain, a Boston-based artist and curator had conceived this idea nearly 30 years ago after reading Eric Newby’s travelogue ‘Slowly Down the Ganges.’ However, due to limited funding the exhibition never came to fruition. Now with the support of the Alkali Foundation, Kalakriti Archive along with other important patrons and the National Museum, the exhibition has been a success. 

The exhibition traces the ancient past of Ganga and its appearance in various ritualistic traditions. In contrast, it addresses key environmental issues along with the hypocrisy of polluting the sacred river. Thus, it calls for an urgent appeal to consciously make an effort to make the waters of  the river pure again. On display are a variety of works of art including maps, sculptures, paintings, photographs and installations. Several contemporary artists have contributed their works to this exhibition in order to keep it relevant while the diverse collection of the Museum provides a more holistic backdrop.

The exhibition will be on view till the 20th June, 2017 from 10am to 6pm at the National Museum, New Delhi. Closed on mondays and all public holidays. 

Topic: Art