Fun facts about Michelangelo

6 Mar, 2017 - The Wall Art Team

Pieta by Michelangelo. Photo Credit : Larry (Flickr, creative commons)

The great Renaissance master, Michelangelo was a man of innumerable talent. His forte included painting, sculpting and even writing poetry. One of the greatest creative minds the world has seen, the Florentine came to revolutionise western culture. Today, on the day of his birth anniversary, the Wall Art Magazine celebrates it by bringing to you some fun facts about the Master.

Christ carrying the Cross, Santa Maria supra Minerva. Photo Credit : My Past (Flickr, creative commons)

  • Michelangelo’s mother as reported by Vasari was the descendent of the 'most noble and ancient family of the Counts of Canossa.' While his father’s family were modest bankers in Florence. 

  • As a young boy studying in school, Michelangelo would avoid learning philosophy and grammar in order to copy paintings. 

  • Michelangelo’s art career began with an attempt at art fraud.

  • Il Divino’ or ‘the Divine One’ was the title given to him by his contemporaries. 

  • ‘The Pieta’ one of the greatest sculptural creations of Michelangelo was the only signed piece of work. His signed it out of jealousy when he overheard that his work had been mistaken for that of Cristoforo Solari. His signature is found on  the sash of the attire worn by Mary.

  • His creative talent extended to writing poetry. Michelangelo had written over 300 sonnets incorporating various themes which came to be widely distributed in the Italian peninsular following his death.

  • ‘Il Divino’ was one of the wealthiest painters of High Renaissance. His estate at the time of his death was valued at 50,000 florins - equivalent to £35 million in today's money.

  • Most of the nude works of Michelangelo came to be censored by the Church.

David by Michelangelo. Photo Credit : CK Golf (Flickr, creative commons)

The Creation of Adam. Photo credit: Kevin Gessner (Flickr, creative commons)

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