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16 Dec, 2016 - Jyotsna Sharma

Intrepid Club gives you so much more than just an air ticket. They curate your holiday to suit your taste, and along the way there is always that little extra that you will remember.


I spoke with founder Mr. Vivian Peres; he told me that Intrepid Club was born of the desire to give the Indian traveller an unforgettable experience. They are the outbound travel division of Ventours, the well-known travel company that has been around for 30 years.


When you have a look at an itinerary designed by them, you realize how different it is in terms of the experiences and the insights into your travel destination. They also have something called the Total Recall moments, which are essentially small surprises that they work into your itinerary, so you come away thrilled. Before launching the Intrepid Club Mr. Peres an avid traveler himself, wanted to test out the kind of experiences he would be offering his clients, so he took a trip to Warsaw with a few close friends.


During the three-week trip, they drove from Warsaw- Krakow- Slovakia- Slovenia – Croatia – Belgrade -Bosnia –Montenegro – Dubrovnik. On day one, as per their itinerary, they knew they were meant to go for a Piano recital; what they didn’t know was that the piano recital was by one of Warsaw’s best known Pianist. Similarly, in Dubrovnik, they had a table reserved for a meal at Proto, the renowned seafood joint. It is usually quite difficult to get a table at Proto. These Total Recall moments added to the charm of their trip. Itineraries designed by them have at least one Total Recall moment if not more. For a trip they planned to Burma the Total Recall moment, was a meal at a local residents home, where the lady of the house cooked a meal for the group and told them stories of her childhood therefore, the traveller really got to experience the country.


Of all the places they go to and hotels they stay in, no matter how expensive - the one thing they remember the most are the Total Recall moments, which are curated for them. 


These trips take close to two months to plan, though, I learnt of another trip they have taken nearly a year to plan. This is a 50th birthday surprise where they have painstakingly planned each detail, even the invite. This one is sure to be a happy surprise.


In addition to these holidays, they plan to expand into art tours and also gastronomical tours. Mr. Peres and his team acknowledged their partners and the support they get from them in creating a perfect holiday for their clients.


So the next time you decide to take off somewhere, do think of letting Intrepid Club do all the planning.

For handcrafted holidays contact The Intrepid Club on or +91 9811234111 

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