Dissensus: Hit Man Gurung | Khadim Ali | Neda Tavallaee | Priyanka D’Souza | Veer Munshi | Waseem Ahmed

10 Jul, 2017 - The Wall Art Team

Neda Tavalaee, About Havva, 29.7 x 42 cm, Cyanotype, 2017. Image Courtesy - Latitude 28

Dissensus opened on the 7th at Bikaner house. It showcases work by six artists who have been witness to the political crises in regions of ongoing conflict such as Nepal, Afghanistan, Iran, Kashmir in India and Pakistan.

The issues they have chosen to comment on range from gender, territorial dispute, anxieties regarding cultural annihilation and ethnic marginalization. The show has been curated and conceptualised by Bhavna Kakkar (the founder of Latitude 28). It all started with her wanting to showcase Waseem Ahmed’s work to the Indian viewer. She picked all six artists based on the fact that their artworks , though varied in medium, complement each other.

Priyanka D’Souza, an MSU Baroda artist comments on political and social contemporary issues through work that is inspired by Mughal miniatures while, Veer Munshi’s work, reflects on the situation in Kashmir, more specifically about how craftsmen deal with conflict. His work is a result of his collaboration with Kashmiri craftsmen who work with papier-mâché. He has been working on this body of work for the last three years and plans to stay with it and let it evolve.

Iranian artist Neda Tavallaee, addresses her feminist concerns through the language of Persian miniatures.

We particularly liked Waseem Ahmed’s work. A leading miniature artist from Pakistan, he spotlights topical issues through his work. His inspiration comes from his surroundings and people he interacts with regularly such as the local shopkeeper, the Imam at the Mosque where he prays etc.

Australia-based artist Khadim Ali, uses miniature techniques in his paintings inspired by heroes and legends of the Persian epic poem, Shahnameh. He was recently featured in Art Asia Pacific’s list of top 40 artists under 40 in the Asia Pacific region.

All in all a must see exhibition.

Venue: Bikaner House, Pandara Road, India Gate, New Delhi| Exhibition Dates: 7th – 16th July, 2017 | 11 AM - 7 PM

For more information log on to www.latitude28.com


Khadim Ali, Forlorn Foe 3, 17x13 inches, Gouache and gold leaf on wasli paper, 2016 Image Courtesy - Latitude 28
Veer Munshi, Relics From Lost Paradise - III, 27 x 12 x 7 inches, Wood, papier mache, fiber and fabric, 2017 Image Courtesy - Latitude 28
Hit Man Gurung, We are in war without enemies, 239 x 360 x 5 cm, Stippling drawing on printed canvas and Acrylic on canvas, 2016 Image Courtesy - Latitude 28
Khadim Ali, Forlorn Foe 3, 17x13 inches, Gouache and gold leaf on wasli paper, 2016 Image Courtesy - Latitude 28

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