ART NEWS: ‘Nature to Culture: Crafts of India,’ opens today at the Piramal Museum of Art.

26 May, 2017 - The Wall Art Team

‘Nature to Culture: Crafts of India,’ opens today at 5pm at the Piramal Museum of Art. Curated by Brijeshwari Kumari Gohil (an archeology & art history expert and an exhibition director of the previous Piramal Museum of Art exhibit, 'Kaleidoscope') and Vaishnavi Ramanathan (an award-winning artist, writer and researcher), It aims to showcase the story of Indian craft traditions and their marriage to land and the environment, contributing to the evolution of various craft traditions in India.

Through this exhibit, Piramal Museum of Art strives to demonstrate craft as a form of expression that connects an individual to another through shared tradition, social, cultural and material needs.



Alleppey coir board. Image credits : Piramal Museum of Art
Nageshwar Nakash painting cherial masks. Image credits : Piramal Museum of Art
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