A weekend trip to Ahmedabad : Here's what you should be doing!

24 Jun, 2017 - The Wall Art Team

The tank located in front of the Sun Temple at Mother Image credit - Madhurima Chaudhuri 

The city of Ahmedabad is a perfect balance of old and new. While its continuous modernisation dwells on the region’s flourishing trade and business ventures but its spirit lies in the old city. Named after Sultan Ahmed Shah II in the medieval times, Ahmedabad has experienced varied historical and cultural developments. An extended weekend to the largest city of Gujarat will provide a slight but impactful glimpse to this part of India ensuring that you keep coming back for more!


The Jama Masjid located in the Old City. Image credit - Madhurima Chaudhuri 

Soak in the cultural atmosphere of Ahmedabad by visiting the Old Town. The heritage tours takes you through the narrow lanes stopping at architectural marvels of a bygone era. The Jama Masjid pays homage to highly intricate and symmetrical art of the Sultanates. Exploring with like-minded and insightful people along with an interactive local will surely provide an alternative and informative perspective. The tomb of Ahmed Shah and his wife displays the medieval glory that was. 

French Haveli, a recently restored heritage building which serves as a hotel. Image credit - Madhurima Chaudhuri  

Go haveli spotting in the same part of town. The pols of Ahmedabad reflect a certain type of community occupying a specific area. Understand their way of life and experience traditional architecture. You can even stay in a few of them which have been recently restored as heritage hotels.  Rajiv Patel, the brainchild behind this project has converted a few of the old buildings into hotels to allow travellers an authentic cultural experience.

Visit the Calico Museum which boasts a stunning collection of bronze sculptures, miniature paintings and textiles. The guided tour takes you through the entire collection in three hours followed by complimentary tea and snacks. While there is no charge in visiting the Museum, reserve a place in advance by visiting their website.

Traditional Gujarati Thali. Image credit - Madhurima Chaudhuri 

Ahmedabad is replete in food options but a visit is never complete without enjoying an authentic Gujarati thali. Moreover the numerous night markets serve both vegetarian and non vegetarian local delicacies.

The ornamented pillars that support various levels of Rani ki Vav (Step well). Image credit - Madhurima Chaudhuri 

Take a day trip to Patan to see Rani Ki Vav and buy a patola silk sari. The 11th century step well is ornamented with decorative pillars, brackets, walls and sculptures. Even though a small section is open to the public, its worth a visit to experience its technical and architectural ingenuity. On the way back, head to Modhera to view the sun temple. It is one of the only remaining temples dedicated to Surya in India. The temple has been placed in front of a tank which excels in the idea of symmetry. 

The Sun Temple at Modhera. Image credit - Madhurima Chaudhuri 
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