Timeless Bronze Pieces: National Museum

20 Jan, 2017 - Madhurima Chaudhuri

The ‘Bronze Gallery’ at the National Museum reopened last year after some major renovations. On display are centuries old exquisite bronze artefacts from different parts of  India and Nepal encompassing varied kingdoms, religions and cultures. The space utilised efficiently with an interesting design and LED lightning enhances the viewers experience. Enjoy the glories of the Palas, Cholas, Vijaynagar and more.

A 15th century bejewelled bronze sculpture of Indra from Nepal

An early Chola Nataraja image in the chatura-tandava pose

A 15th century four-armed figure of Nandikesvara from Vijayanagar

A standing figure of Tara from the Pala period, 9th century C.E.

A 9th century image of Vishu Vaikuntha from Kashmir is flanked by Gadadevi and Chakrapurusha


Topic: Art